An unspoken contract exists between humans and their dogs: In exchange for walks, explorations, adventures - call it what you will, you receive their unconditional trust, companionship and loyalty.

This is a contract that is unbiased to weather and time. It does not matter how cold it is or that a pressing deadline is to be met, you dutifully embrace this part of you day the moment you bring a dog into your life. It is a promise that forces you to “pause” and enjoy a moment outdoors. It is a promise that strengthens an unbreakable bond.

Kücha leashes are inspired by this daily ritual. Guided by the vision of uncompromised quality, we’ve created a leash that is committed to your commitment.

We handcraft our leashes using only the highest quality rope and brass hardware, creating them to be strong, just like our dogs. Our field testing never ends - to ensure you only have the best. Kücha aims to give you a leash that you can trust and love so you can strengthen your bond, one walk at a time.