Martingale Marine Collar

Martingale Marine Collar


Pairing seamlessly with our leashes, the martingale collar is constructed to keep your dog’s head up and while heeling or delivering a quick correction when exhibiting undesirable behavior. This collar is designed so the correction pressure is evenly distributed around the neck and not on one specific point. If your dog is skittish or rambunctious, this martingale style helps prevent them from slipping out of their collar.

This collar is constructed using sailing splicing techniques: each end of the soft marine-grade rope is fed back into the core - making it able to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull. For added strength (but more so beauty) we've hammered-on solid brass rope clamps over each splice. The silky, marine-grade rope repels dirt and dries quickly - and the brass will stand the test of time. Handmade with love for your loyal friend.

***Upon checkout you will be prompted to choose your collar size.***

Sizing Guide: Wrap a soft measuring tape around where your dog’s collar currently sits. If they do not have one then ensure you are not measuring too high as it could be too tight. The tape should be snug. There is no need for the “two finger rule”. Double-check your results to ensure a proper fit. *DO NOT MEASURE your current collar*

• Small & Medium (Petite): 8mm thick
• Large & Extra Large (Standard): 13mm thick
• Marine-grade, double-braided nylon rope
• Solid-brass hardware

To clean: Submerge in a light, soapy warm bath. Agitate the rope and rinse until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze the rope and hang to dry.

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